From Peshawar to Kilburn: A Refugee Journey – Saturday 11th June 2016

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In this forthcoming event we will explore the very current subject of being a refugee, so present in our collective consciousness, by showing the film ‘In this World’ by Michael Winterbottom. The film which won the Golden Bear Prize at the Berlin Film Festival in 2003, charts the challenging circumstances faced by a young boy and a man going on a journey to Kilburn from Peshawar which involves many handlers, countries and languages. The journey which starts off as a rather ordinary trip to freedom from a refugee camp turns into a harrowing dark landscape of the unknown and the unpredictable.

The film is shot in documentary style but is in fact a drama performed by non-professional actors with an improvised dialogue. Many of the actors base their performances on real life experiences and the dialogue reflects this. The ensuing discussion will be hosted by Ali Zarbafi who ran a series of one and two day workshops on the Refugee journey and experience between the years 2000 and 2006 around Britain for both individuals and organisations.

Ali Zarbafi is a Jungian Analyst, Psychotherapist and Clinical Supervisor. He is a founder member of the Multi-lingual Psychotherapy Centre and has given talks on language, culture and trauma.  He is co-author, with John Clare, of Social Dreaming in the 20th Century:  The World we are Losing.

Venue: The Freud Museum, 20 Maresfield Gardens, London NW3 5SX

   9.15    Registration and refreshments
   9:30    Film
11.00     Coffee Break
11.15     Discussion
12.00     Close

Cost:  £25 including refreshments
(C.P.D. Certificate available upon request)

Denise Rolland – Administrator
Enquiries: 020 3589 5977

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