Cultural Alienation and the Struggle for Meaning in the Therapeutic Relationship
Lecture by Patricia Fotheringham on 7th March 2015

The Dream of Home
Workshop on 21st Jun 2014

SILENCE LENDS INTEGRITY TO SPEECH: Transcending the opposites of speech and silence in the analytic dialogue
Lecture by Anna Bravesmith on 2nd March 2013

In Search of the Mother-tongue in the Language of Exile
Lecture by Ali Zarbafi on 13th October 2012

Speaking the Language of the Body
Lecture by Elizabeth Campbell on 16th June 2012

Language of the Mountains, Language of the Sea: Living with Trauma and Exile as a Journey between Languages
Lecture by Dr Esti Rimmer on 3rd March 2012

Mind the Gap – Clinical Practice in a Multilingual context
Workshop facilitated by Cedric Bouet-Willaumez on 24th September 2011

Thinking of the Past: Looking to the Future
Social Dreaming Matrix hosted by John Clare and Ali Zarbafi on 27th of February 2010

Gangs, Guns and the Absent Father
Lecture by Donald Campbell & Michael Orme on 6th June 2009

So How Do You Nod and Say ‘Aham’ in English
Lecture by Yoav Landau-Pope on 14th June 2008

From Silence to Dissonance, From Dissonance to Harmony
Lecture by Cédric Bouët-Willaumez on 11th October 2008

Suffering in Exile
Lecture by Ali Zarbafi on 13th October 2007

Now I Know Why
Lecture by Gloria Ogunbadejo on 16 June 2007

Outre Mer et la Langue de ma Mere: My reinvention as Pygmalion
Lecture by Monique Morris on 14th October 2006

Once Upon a Silence: Breaking the silence of being a German in England
Lecture by Giselle China on 11th February 2006