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Who and what is the MLPC?

We live in an increasingly multilingual society and world, a world of exiles with differences of language and culture that live in the spoken and written word. In this world, our experience of ourselves and others is shaped by the languages that we hear, speak and read, and the cultures that we encounter from within or from afar.

Being a psychotherapist today means starting from this awareness and actively seeking to explore the dynamics and meaning that come to life in therapeutic encounters where culture and language are of significance. Because the patient and the therapist’s inner and social words are shaped and expressed in the languages and cultures that they know, to open up this inquiry means to open us up to the other. Founded in 1997 by a group of psychotherapists, analysts, writers and academics from various fields, the Multi-Lingual Psychotherapy Centre provides a space where this inquiry can live. We offer three-times yearly lectures and workshops, and have been involved in conferences in Paris, Budapest and London.

We also offer clinical supervision in London and Newcastle and publish a twice-yearly newsletter for our membership. Lastly, we are in the process of developing a knowledge base on mulilingual issues in psychotherapy, which will be accessible to our members.

You don’t have to speak a second language to be member of MLPC. Membership is open to all those who are interested in language, culture and identity.