Lecture History

Since 1997, MLPC has convened lectures and workshops on the theme of multilingualism in psychotherapy. Lectures were initially held in Burgh House, before moving to Friends’ House and finally on the Freud Museum, in London.

Burgh House Lecture
“Mixed Marriages and Tongue-Tied Children?” by Leila Collins and Geri Dogmetchi
October  1999

Burgh House Lecture
“The Language of Social Dreaming”, by Dr Gordon Lawrence
February 2000

Burgh House Lecture
“Remembering the Father-Tongue: Transferences of a Ferenczi Translator”, by Dr Julia Borossa
June 2000

Burgh House Lecture
“Working Therapeutically with Survivors of Torture”, By Helen Bamber
October 2000

Burgh House Lecture
“Is there a Universal Mode of Thinking, Feeling and Being?”, by Dr Alejandro Reyes
March 2001

Burgh House Lecture
“Proficiency and Psychotherapy in the Language of the Colonizer”, by Lennox Thomas
October 2001

Burgh House Lecture
“On Translating Myself”, by Adam Phillips
February 2002

Burgh House Lecture
“Culture and Language in Therapy: On Not Taking Words Too Seriously”, by Dr Begum Maitra
June 2002

Burgh House Lecture
“Trauma, Genocide and Psychotherapy”, by Ruth Barnett
October 2002

Burgh House Lecture
“Refugee trauma – dislocation of meaning”, by Miranda Alcock
February 2003

Burgh House Lecture
“On Translating Emotion”, by Dr Richard Carvalho
June 2003

Burgh House Lecture
“Lost for Words: Pseudo-Esperanto in the Therapy Room”, by Valerie Sinason, February 2004

Burgh House Lecture
“Going Back: Going Forward”, by Franca Rubini
June 2004

Burgh House Lecture
“Return to Berlin: My Forbidden Mother tongue”, by Edna Sovin
October 2004

Burgh House Lecture
“George Mikes: the Story of a Friendship”, by Marietta Marcus
October 2005

Friends House Lecture
“Once Upon a Silence”, by Giselle China
February 2006

Friends House Lecture
“Aspects of Shared Experience: Psychoanalysis in a Mother-tongue”, by Tamar Schonfield
June 2006

Friends House Lecture
“Outre Mer et la Langue de ma Mère : My reinvention as Pygmalion”, by Monique Morris
October 2006

Friends House Lecture
“Now I Know Why”, by Gloria Ogunbadejo
June 2007

Friends House Lecture
“From Silence to Dissonance, From Dissonance to Harmony”, by Cédric Bouët-Willaumez
October 2008

Friends House Lecture
“Gangs, Guns and the Absent Father”, by Donald Campbell and Michael Orme
June 2009

MLPC Workshop
“Mind the Gap: Clinical Practice in a Multilingual Context”, by Cédric Bouët-Willaumez
September 2011

Freud Museum Lecture
“Language of the Mountains, Language of the Sea: Living with Trauma and Exile as a Journey Between Languages”, by Dr Esti Rimmer
March 2012

Freud Museum Lecture
“Speaking the Language of the Body”, by Elizabeth Campbell
June 2012

Freud Museum Lecture
“In Search of the Mother-tongue in the Language of Exile”, by Ali Zarbafi
October 2012

MLPC Film and Discussion
“The Healing Power of Language”, by Judith Elkan
June 2013

Freud Museum Lecture
“Silence Lends Integrity to Speech: Transcending the Opposites of Speech and Silence in the Analytic Dialogue”, by Anna Bravesmith
March 2013

“The Dream of Home”
Social Dreaming and Group Discussion
June 2014

Freud Museum Lecture
“Different Workings with Difference”, by Patricia Gorringe
March 2015

Freud Museum Lecture
“Childhood, Spoken and Written Selves: a Journey Through Languages”, by Natsu Hattori
November 2015

Freud Museum Lecture
“The patient, the Interpreter and the Therapist: Cultural and Clinical Challenges”, by Ali Zarbafi
March 2016

Freud Museum Film and Discussion
“From Peshawar to Kilburn: a Refugee Journey”, by Ali Zarbafi
June 2016